18 days…

A few hours ago, Thursday, we had our usual Thursday Eucharistic Hour. Only, it wasn’t the usual as we didn’t have Fr. Eric or Fr. Michael to do the Exposition and the Benediction. Basically, we just Holy Hour. But anyway, going to Holy Hour and doing adoration is always a very enlightening and an uplifting moment because I always get the opportunity to really listen to what Christ is telling me and also, I get the opportunity to adore His life by listening to the reflections that the assigned preacher gives and really reflect on my own on what Christ wants from me.

So… A few hours then, because I am writing this at 2:00am, we reflected on the Gospel for the day: Mt. 6: 7-15. It was about the Lord’s Prayer that He taught to all the people. Basically, He is teaching us how to pray in the sense that, we don’t have to be like the “pagans” who babble and kneel and keep on asking on when in fact, as said in the Gospel, He already knows what we are asking for. Hence, He teaches us His prayer. A prayer that already has the essence of everything we hope to strive for our in our lives as Christians, in my case, as Catholics. Let me share you then what our preacher, Anthony Militante, shared with us. He broke down the prayer in 6 parts as you can see below, but on my own interpretation of it. 

  • Our Father who art in heaven… He is our Father that unites us in Faith.
  • Hallowed be Thy name… He is HOLY!
  • Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven… It should be His will for us that rules our lives.
  • Give us this day our daily bread… We have to be clear in what we ask because He already knows anyway.
  • And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespassed against us… We must remove all doubts and second guesses in our lives. We must completely raise everything to Him because He is the only one that can forgive us if we set ourselves free from the imprisonment of our faults and grudges.
  • Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil… Lord, protect us because we know that we are weak. Help us to overcome all life’s trials without having to resort to the wrong and being tempted to do the negative. 

Through the Lord’s prayer, we ask to receive the grace from God to be able to forgive others who have wronged us with no hesitation. 


This was actually the most perfect reflection for us because really, how often do we really ask God for things that are really of pure intentions? How often do we pray to Him asking for things and get angry when it is not exactly how we wanted it? These are somethings we always have to remember. God isn’t a one stop shop just to keep asking for things when we need something. If we do not place all our trust in Him, how can we completely accept what He wants to give us? We may think that He gave us the wrong thing, but in fact, it is the RIGHT THING. 

For such an empowering Gospel that is so important to the life of every Christian as it is the simplest and most fullest prayer He has given us, this was in someway the perfect Gospel for me especially now that I have 18 days left before I leave for my Co-worker year. I always pray to God about so many things, but how often do I actually get to do the work He places in front of me, accept what He has given me, and really thank Him for being my EVERYTHING? 

It is like what I am currently reading, and the author quotes Jesus, “Do not let your hearts be troubled. Believe in God, believe also in me” (Jn 14:1). Sometimes we have difficulty in placing all our cares to Christ for fear that whatever we had prayed for will not be given to us. We even get caught in getting mad at Him because He didn’t give us what we want. We sometimes fail to realize that whatever He wants is what we are supposed to want. He asks us to believe in Him and believe in His Father, Our Father! Believe in them and trust them that whatever they give us in the moment of wait is actually the best thing for us, and not otherwise. Obviously God does not give us things we can’t handle. That’s why I think that the reality of going for my Co-worker year in less than a month has actually brought me to be at peace with the idea and with no hesitation because I know and have realized that God knows what He is doing. He knows I can handle it because I have allowed myself to be in His grace! Thanks be to God! It is surreal because it’s coming too soon, but at the same time comforting because I am glad that I am doing my Mission for Him this year. There really is no turning back in any way. 

As such, Holy Hour last night, well, Thursday… was the best even if we weren’t A LOT! It was still the best because it was so solemn and really centered on prayer the entire time. We really had an opportunity to focus on our prayers and reflections. All I can say is that, I will really miss Thursday Eucharistic Hours while I’m away for my Co-worker year. Though I will have the same opportunity abroad, the company of my friends really making strong prayer intentions is what I will miss the most. Knowing that God has continued to inspire all of them, most especially the group of cousins and friends who aren’t even a part of Regnum Christi yet. I really see that there is hope in cultivating our Faith in the future with people whom Christ has called to really know and love Him in a deeper and prayerful way. 

I pray that everyone around the world opens their hearts to the Eucharist and adore Christ in a special way. To paraphrase the words of a very good friend of mine, We always want to be at the front of row of concerts and important events, but there is this One Being who always wants to be at the front row of our lives, CHRIST. He is already there front row and center, we just have to make the time to be there for Him. To show Him that we need Him and love Him. Not just when we feel like it. He must always be at the front row and center of our lives above all others. He must always have this special place in our hearts where He already lives. 

As I end this entry, let me leave you with the lyrics to the song, In My Heart: 

In my heart I know my Savior lives
I can hear Him calling tenderly my name
Over sin and death He has prevailed
In His glory, in His new life we partake

I know He lives as He has promised
For me He’s risen that from fear I may be free
Not even death can separate me
From Him whose love and might remain in me (REFRAIN)

For I have seen and touched Him risen
To all the world will I proclaim His majesty
With joy I sing to tell His story
That in our hearts may live His memory (REFRAIN)

And all the earth shall bow before Him
His blessed name all will adore on bended knee
His truth shall reign, so shall His justice
In Christ, my Savior, let all glory be (REFRAIN)

In my heart I know my Savior lives
In His glory, in His new life we partake


Christ is the center of our lives. God, Our Father has given Him to us as our friend, brother, and most especially our Savior. We must remember that He is that One being in our lives that we should glorify and entrust our entire life to. He who already knows us, gives us what His Father wills for us. No questions asked. 


–Althea G. 


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