Yo canto para alguien…

The video I posted below has become somewhat an anthem for me and my good friend, Annina who too will be doing her Missionary year for Regnum Christi. We first found out about the song through one of our Consas here in Manila, Gudelia Guerra. The song is basically talking about “Looking For Paradise”. Hence the title. Alicia Keys starts the song with the lines: 

Driving in a fast car

Trying to get somewhere

Don´t know where I´m going

But i gotta get there


These lines tell us about how much we constantly look for paradise, but we’re not sure how to get there, but we have to get there. The song then goes on about “Yo canto para alguien,” that we are singing for somebody. Someone who speaks to our hearts, to our souls. This then leads me to what the song epitomizes; Prayer. We know that singing is another form of prayer that is so powerful because of the messages songs can send out. But without going through the entire song, that’s basically what it is telling me. We sing and pray to somebody who will lead us to paradise. Someone who is like you and me but even GREATER! 

Enjoy the song by Alejandro Sanz and Alicia Keys! 


–Althea G. 



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