One more week!

These past few days have been nothing but a mix of emotions from pure excitement to nervousness. I’m not usually the type to count down the days of the significant moments of my life, yet, God seems to be showing me sides of myself I would have never have thought of “unleashing”, so to speak. I guess it is also a mix of pure nerves that have brought these emotions due to the fact that I feel somewhat pressed for time in every single sense. I have even brought it upon me to visit some relatives and some family friends in Cebu! The fact that it is just exactly ONE MORE WEEK TODAY!

So, what exactly will I be doing? I mean, I have been talking about my Co-worker year these past few entries but I haven’t really exactly gone down what it really is. Well, first of all, I won’t become a nun… well not unless God calls me. But we’ll have to see his plans! Basically, I will be taking part in this program of Regnum Christi Mission Corps wherein we give up basically a year our two of our life to serve the Lord. Specifically, “It is a program through which a Regnum Christi member volunteers for one or two years to work full time, exclusively for the Church. The Mission Corps is a vital support for Regnum Christi’s work to help build up the Church. Serving for this time period is a concrete way to live and spread your love for Jesus Christ. It is an opportunity to serve people through active apostolate, and to help other young people find the meaning in their lives in Christ. Missionaries help build up the Church and fulfill the Great Commission Christ gave His followers before he ascended to the Father: “Go into the entire world and proclaim the good news to the whole creation” (Mt 28:19).”

I will be doing full time work for Regnum Christi and most especially for the Church. Through this year that God has asked much more of me, through his grace, I am able to deeply express the love I have for Him and the entire Church, and of course, being an instrument of His love to bring His Good News to all the nations. Difficult as it may seem, it has been a task I am very much willing to take. Through everything that will be given of me and through everything that I know I will be receiving, I believe that Christ still wants to show me much more of His love and that I have to be willing to allow Him to enter my life completely. Since we are already the temples of Christ, we must open ourselves fully, and detach our lives completely to what is in this world to what is not of this world.

Though I have nothing much to say other than the fact that I can’t believe it’s just one more week left, every minute of every day that passes before I leave, I will continue to strive to have a Heart Like His. Though I may be pressured or stretched in many places because of the fact that I only have a few days left in the “real” world before I enter the REAL WORLD that Christ wants me to be in.

It’s 2:55am right now as I am writing this! Have a flight in an hour soooo till then, May we continue to strive to have a heart as pure and grateful as the heart of Christ who accepts all things with an open heart!


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