Finally arrived Mexico!

Well actually this post is kind of late. I arrived in Mexico coming from a vacation in the US for a while before I go back there. So arrived in Guadalajara last Saturday to prepare myself for the Cursillo which would start the next day. I stayed with the SUPER AMAZING Consas in La Rioja, Guadalajara. Since it’s still summer here, not all the Consas were around. The others were either with the ECYD Co-workers, having a Giro camp, or whatever activity there would be. SOOOO technically it was a rest day for everyone. I got to hang out with some pretty awesome Consas! Rebeca (The spiritual guide of one of our RC girls in the Philippines), Dani, Lourdes, Marta, and of course Guadalupe (who picked me up from the airport), and also Tia Pina! She’s 99 year old already! Anyway, it was a chill day if we can call it that. So we had lunch, then watched Celine Dion, and then dinner. It isn’t normally like that, but it was awesome to get to know the side of the Consas on what seemed to be there “day off”! But after that, it wasn’t basically much. I had to sleep early to pick up another Colab from the Philippines at the airport at 5:30am. Her name is Annina and you can visit her blog here. She is super amazing because she answered God’s call for the Mission at such a young age of 16! Will post more about her next time.

Fast forwarding to the next day, Guadalupe and I finally picked Annina up from the airport and we went straight back to the house to rest and have breakfast. There we met two new friends! Colabs Brenda and Paulina! They are so great! We got to talk about why we were all in the Colaboradora Program of Regnum Christi and where we are from, etc. And much more fast forwarding, our driver to Cotija, Michoacán came to pick us up. It would be a 4 hour drive from where were to our Cursillo destination…. then FINALLY! We arrived to Cotija! Cotija is such a beautiful, quaint, and small town. Something I really love about Mexico because it’s the Mexico we want to see.

But since I have to go now, will update you again about our arrival to Cotija! 🙂 God bless you always! My prayers are always with you!


In Christ,



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