Althea Gwynne is a Political Science undergraduate. A servant leader who has given a big part of her life to Christ.

She is a Servant of God. Last 2011 she had been called to dedicate one year of her life for Him. Last 2012, Christ has called her in a much deeper way. To serve Him full time being a Missionary with the Regnum Christi Mission Corps. At present, 2015, she is back home and finishing undergraduate degree and from thereon, it’s God’s plans that will take her to where He wants her to go.

She loves her family, friends, and most especially life. A new view of how life should be lived, most especially in the changing times.

This blog will then serve as her passionate sharing of how her heart views the world in her eyes and how she walks with Christ in her journey of life.

Her meaning of Caminando con Cristo Para Siempre or in English, Walking with Christ Forever. Everything in this blog would express all her passions and how she expresses these through her words coming from the heart and she lives her like ‘Just Like Jesus’ and learning to have a Heart like His.

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